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Who We Serve

We serve companies whose leadership is committed to building a strong positive culture and high-functioning leadership teams. Our Clients seek to develop and invest in the future of their employees. We work for CEOs who are driven to continuously improve their companies and people.

How We Do It:

We assess each company’s current culture and leadership dynamics to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps. We then develop an action plan that includes practical and implementable team and individual coaching. The action plan is built around maintaining the best aspects of the organization, strengthening areas of weakness, and implementing new initiatives where needed. We use both our own programs and training as well as third party courses to achieve results.

Bob Deprez is a senior operating and financial executive with significant leadership, finance and turnaround experience. He has successfully led middle market companies as a CEO, CFO and owner and has also served as Interim CEO, CFO and CRO to guide organizations through financial and leadership changes. He has experience leading organizations through strong growth periods, turnarounds and post-acquisition allowing him to adapt easily to changing market and company dynamics.

Mr. Deprez has a track record of focusing companies on generating greater profits and producing measurable results in a short period of time. He has led companies through sale processes, out-of-court restructurings, recapitalizations and ownership changes and has produced results in as little as 3 months. He has experience working with family-owned, PE-owned and ESOP-owned businesses

Mr. Deprez leads by fostering a culture of respect and continuous improvement that includes the development of leadership teams and the mentoring of junior executives. He developed an implementation methodology that organizes, focuses and crystalizes leadership teams to more effectively execute their strategies. His methodology incorporates metrics, weekly dash boards, established business meetings, functional budgeting and focused 90-day goals that align with the company's values and strategy.

For example, one company he led as CEO was generating $34 million in revenues and making $1.4 EBITDA but needed a capital infusion to meet dramatic revenue growth and avoid insolvency. Mr. Deprez rebuilt the management team, refinanced bank debts, cut costs and shifted operations to better serve the international markets. Today, the company's revenues are over $80 million with EBITDA of greater than 11%. As a result of the company’s newfound success, Mr. Deprez was awarded the Turnaround of the Year Award by the Turnaround Management Association .

Another company he owned and ran as the CEO, achieved operating excellence by implementing lean principals and a customer-centric focus. Through training and focused initiatives, the company reduced direct labor expenses by 30%, improved on-time delivery from 75% to over 95%, reduced inventory and implemented the toughest quality program in the industry TS16949. The improved performance led to increased orders and business from its largest industrial customers. The business was later sold to a strategic buyer based on the strength of the leadership team.

Mr. Deprez has worked in more than 15 different industries including manufacturing, oil field services, environmental, capital equipment, finance, SAS, machining, automotive, electronics, construction, plastics, engineering, professional services, printing, distribution, steel, consumer products and more. This wealth of cross-functional industry experience allows him to work in companies with varied product and service lines and with multiple business models. He has worked in companies ranging from $5 million to over $400 million in revenues.

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