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Emergency Succession Leadership Articles

Leading a company when the CEO or Business Owner Dies

Very little has been written about the impact of grief in the workplace and its effect on businesses. Even less attention has been given to “Leading” a company shocked by the death of its CEO or business owner…

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6 Reasons Successor CEOs May Fail in an Unexpected or Emergency Succession

In a perfect world the management transition is planned and occurs over time. However, when the CEO or businesses owner unexpectedly dies or faces a terminal illness, succession is far more likely to fail…

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Successor CEO Leadership During an Unexpected or Emergency Succession

Unplanned and emergency succession have a unique set of challenging dynamics most of which adversely affect the business. If these are not effectively managed they can result in a permanent loss in enterprise value…

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Why The Death of the Owner has Such a Large Emotional Impact on the Business

When you ask most professionals and people who work with family business successions most agree that many owners give too little attention to the actual operational succession of the business. The question is why?

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Things that need to be done when a Business Owner Dies

The unexpected death of a business owner triggers a number of issues and challenges affecting virtually every aspect of the company. Unplanned succession usually negatively affects a business by draining emotional energy out of the employees and its leaders and causing a loss of focus…

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Who Should Fill the Interim CEO Position During an Unplanned Succession?

During the past 25 years the tenure of CEOs has shortened, resulting in an increased turnover at the position. Emergency succession planning is becoming more and more important..

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Why the Successor CEO is Set Up to Fail

Multiple factors and issues rise to the surface immediately following the unexpected death or incapacitation of a business owner. The dramatic changes affect almost every aspect of the business and produce issues that…

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