We work with companies whose goal is to continuously improve their organizations, people and culture.
Focus on important the dynamics that make a difference.


Leadership Team Development and Coaching

To reach their fullest potential, we believe companies must have a team-based operating model at every level of the organization. We help teams implement functional building blocks including establishing shared values, goals and strategies; implementing metrics, budgets and accountability, continuously improving processes, and regularly communicating and meeting with employees.


Individual Leadership Development and Coaching

Most leaders are not born but created. With proper training and coaching, every employee has the ability to improve their leadership skills. Leadership training is often reserved for the executive team. However, the greatest benefit is gained by developing the lower and middle management levels. We work to pragmatically help individuals grow and reach their next level of potential.


Employee First Culture Development

Building a culture that results in engaged employees is imperative, but most companies are too focused on the bottom line. Study after study shows a strong correlation between company performance and employee engagement. We teach and coach fundamental concepts that help companies establish an employee-based culture that lasts and is particularly effective in leading millennials.


Emergency Succession Leadership Consulting

Nothing impacts a company more than the unexpected death or incapacitation of its CEO. The emotional shock and uncertainty affects every aspect of the organization and often results in a decline in enterprise value. Employees, suppliers, customers and others ask themselves, “What is going to happen to the company and how will it affect me?” The company needs immediate, assured leadership or risks falling into crisis. We advise companies and boards that have experienced an unplanned loss of their Leader.

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