Emergency and Unplanned Succession Advisory

Nothing impacts a company more than the unexpected death or incapacitation of the CEO.  The emotional shock and uncertainty affects every aspect of the company and almost universally causes a decline in enterprise value.  The employees, suppliers, customers and others are all asking themselves the question, “What is going to happen to the company and how will it affect me?”  The company needs immediate assured leadership or it risks declining or falling into crisis.

Deprez Leadership provides advisory services to assist businesses, their boards and their successor CEOs through the critical first 45 to 90 days following the sudden loss of the business owner.  
The reality is that most businesses are ill-equipped to handle the complicated dynamics of an emergency succession,  and thus, many emergency successions fail.  Customers know this and may look for new providers.  Suppliers know this and may reduce credit.  Key employees may decide to leave. Most banks have the legal right to require their loans to be paid in full.   The potential complications do not stop there. The company needs seasoned advisory support to navigate this very difficult period and keep the company focused.

Bob Deprez is recognized as one of the leading authorities on emergency succession leadership and is a certified grief counselor.  He is uniquely qualified to work with the board of directors, owners and successor CEOs to lead the company through this emotionally charged period.  He has experience managing the multiple potential business complications and has also worked with the attorneys and financial professionals to address the estate, tax and corporate governess issues that result from an owner’s death.

Below is Deprez Leadership’s ” Dynamic of Unplanned or Emergency Successions”® used throughout the succession industry to summarize the challenges and issues that drive emergency succession situations.

Dynamics_UnplannedDownload PDF version

Consider these situations where we can help by providing emergency interim succession CEO leadership.

  • A successor CEO has not been named or a qualified individual is not in the company.
  • The successor CEO is emotionally unable to take the helm and provide assured leadership.
  • The successor CEO cannot leave his current position in the company  (or do 2 jobs at once.
  • The company needs to be lead through a sale process (often stipulated by the will.
  • The company needs to be led until the CEO can return from illness or personal leave.

Large publicly held companies increasingly have an emergency succession plan in place that specifically indentifies an emergency successor CEO. They recognize the benefits and understand that it  gives them the best chance to avoid an unplanned succession crisis. Middle market companies need to do the same.

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