Interim CFO and C-Level Transition Leadership Services:

Effective transition leadership is not an accident. It’s the result of careful planning and diligent evaluations of the company’s needs, culture and management team.  It’s about initiating effective actions and having a senior leadership team focused on achieving results.   Deprez Leadership provides timely, effective and results-driven interim CFO and C-Level services to middle market companies in transition.

Hiring the right transition CFO or C-Level executive means engaging a professional who will understand not only how to effectively lead and direct a transition, but will do so in a manner that sets the company up for long-term success.  The best interim executives lead the team so that the transition initiatives are sustainable after the engagement.  We accomplish this through our leadership team-centric approach that develops a self-accountable and strong senior leadership team focused on execution, effective metrics, reinforced accountability and instill a results-oriented mindset to serve the customers and the market.

If your goals is to bring in a new CEO,COO or CFO his or her likelihood for success will significantly increase by taking over with a stronger management team.   If your goal is to sell the company the management team will be more highly valued by potential buyers.

You will also benefit from our leadership transition expertise. We will work with the permanent executives during the critical 30-60 day on-boarding phase to successfully assimilate him or her into the business.  This ensures you will see better results faster.

When should you hire Deprez Leadership? Consider these situations:

  1. A C-Level executive has resigned.
  2. The C-Level executive must be replaced immediately.
  3. When a buyer needs an integrating CFO or COO to get the infrastructure in place for the growth CEO.
  4. A C-Level executive has died or is facing a life changing illness. (See our Emergency Interim CEO services).
  5. Tough work with negative stigma needs to be completed before new CEO or CFO steps in.
  6. Company needs to be led through a major financial event (sale, restructuring etc).

Do you need an Interim Division President?

Periodically, large companies need to fill a Division President or General Management position while a full-time executive is recruited. Bringing in an outside professional maximizes the options for filling the position and avoids complications resulting from temporarily promoting an internal employee.