Restructuring and Chief Restructuring Officer Services

We have considerable experience in leading companies through restructurings, turnarounds and recapitalizations.  We help our clients gain control of the situation, evaluate the alternatives and put in place a plan to meet the objectives of the owners and other stakeholders.  We are skillful in situations where liquidity is constrained, the operations have been disrupted or the financial integrity of the company has been compromised due to financial improprieties.

Our experience in turnaround and restructuring situations, as owner, as an interim CRO/CEO and as an advisor is invaluable to the business owner.  Normally management lacks the resources and expertise to navigate the chaos and complications caused by financial and operational distress and our involvement allows management to focus on normal operations.

We have worked with companies that are owned by private individuals, family offices, Private Equity groups and Mezzanine Funds.  We have worked with companies in both in and out of court restructurings and have assist our clients with

  • Renegotiating bank lines
  • Raising debt or sub-debt
  • Raising equity
  • Selling the business or distressed divisions

Contact us to discuss your situation and explore possible avenues we can assist you with.